INCA - ICOLD National Committees of the Americas

Regional group of the International Commission on Large Dams

About INCA

ICOLD National Committees of the Americas (INCA) is a regional group of ICOLD.

ICOLD is the International Commission on Large Dams.

All countries in the Americas are invited to participate in INCA activities. 

INCA shares the overall mission of ICOLD, which is to lead the dam engineering profession in setting standards and guidelines to ensure that dams are built and operated safely, efficiently, economically, and are environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. 

In coordination with the ICOLD central office, INCA seeks to discuss and propose common positions on dam issues in the Americas, communicate on benefits and concerns related to dams, and enhance access to ICOLD knowledge and experience.

INCA representatives meet at the annual meeting of ICOLD each year, and also at selected events that are held in the member countries.


INCA bylaws are available from the link at the bottom of this page. In summary:

  • INCA is managed by a Board that meets annually at the ICOLD annual meeting. The Board consists of one representative from each member country. Observers may also attend meetings.
  • The role of Chairperson (President) is assigned for a two-year term to countries in alphabetical order. The Board may renew the Chair’s term once for one or two years.
  • The role of Vice Chairperson (Vice President) is assigned to the next national committee in line for the Chair position.
  • The Chairperson (President) appoints a Secretary of the association for the period of his or her tenure.
  • The Board may establish Working Groups with written terms of reference and an assigned Coordinator.
  • Member countries may propose to organize symposia and workshops for participation by INCA members.
  • INCA does not charge a membership fee, it has no financial assets and no employees, and will not pay for the services provided by its members.
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